December 2018 Newsdumpster

      DECEMBER 2018 NEWSDUMPSTER                 A New Beginning. Not Really--I Just Like How That Sounded.

The Newsdumpster took a month off in order to--well, take a month off. We have also switched newsletter services and transfered our mailing list which is, of…


October-November 2018 Newsdumpster


    OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2018                 Welcome to the new look of the Newsdumpster. Sadly, everything else is the same.

I decided to combine the October and November Newsdumpsters because (1) our old newsletter service ceased operations at the end of September, (2) we…


September 2018 Newsdumpster


To the Untrained Ear, Baby Frogs Can Sound Confusingly Like Crickets.

We just got back from our 2018 Into the Cornfield Tour of six weeks in Maine and the Midwest, and once again, are delighted to be home…


August 2018 Newsdumpster


Despite its Relatively Small Size, Maine Has a Bigger Lobster Industry Than the Midwest.

Last month, we were so excited about being home that we barely said anyting about our next tour, which started just over a week…


July 2018 Newsdumpster

JULY 2018

Let's Go Surfing! Just Kidding. Let's Go Sitting!

Okay, so we're barely into July and much of North America and northern Europe have been experiencing prolonged high temperatures that can only be described as hot. And while there…


June 2018 Newsdumpster

JUNE 2018

Everyone Has a Slightly Different Accent, Even at Different Times of the Day.

We're delighted to be home from our 2018 Double-Crossing the Pond Tour after four weeks in Great Britain and two in Germany. Before that, we…

May 2018 Newsdumpster


MAY 2018

Berlin, Berlout.

This Newsdumpster arrives on the eve of our departure from Berlin, just as we're about to sully the soil of Albion, as our 2018 Double-Crossing the Pond Tour of Germany and Great Britain reaches its part-way…

April 2018 Newsdumpster

APRIL 2018

Wir Sind Glücklich, in Vermont Wieder zu Hause zu Sein. Fancy A Pint, Mate?

Like many previous Newsdumpsters, this one blathers on about how we just got back from a massive tour and how we're about to embark…


March 2018 Newsdumpster

MARCH 2018

Saguaros Can Showcase With More Than Two Arms. But You Already Knew That.

Welcome to the last full month of our 2018 Further West Tour, which began in December. March brings us to this year's furthest point…

February 2018 Newsdumpster


They Also Have 85 MPH (137 km/h) Highways. Too Bad the Blue Meanie Can Hardly Go Above 70 (113).

We're winding up the Florida portion of our 2018 Further West Tour, and about to continue, well, further…

January 2018 Newsdumpster



An Extra Five Minutes at Home Would Be Nice, Too.

Except for touring the US, UK and New Zealand for six-and-a-half months, putting over 25,000 new miles (40,000 km) on the Blue Meanie, buying our dream house, political…

December 2017 Newsdumpster


What Number Comes Before Umpteen?

This Newsdumpster issue began its life in a garage in New Hampshire where the Blue Meanie was being serviced for the umpteenth time this year. Don't get me wrong--we bear no grudge against…