August 2014 Newsdumpster


On the Other Hand, Our House Looks Bigger.

We're happy to say that we're finally back in Vermont after our first-ever Northeast By Northwest Tour, which rolled us clear across the northern US until we rolled…

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April 2014 Newsdumpster


Twenty Years Of Marriage--At Least A Few Of Them Spent In a 22-Foot Touring Van.  We Win, Like, a Prize, Right?

On April 23rd, 1994, we made it official at Riverside Chapel in…

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March 2014 Newsdumpster

Winter’s Over, Right?  It’s Safe To Leave Florida, Right?

As we exit the Sunshine State after a brutally pleasant month, we're looking forward to meeting many friends, acquantinces, strangers and yahoos in Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and…

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February 2014 Newsdumpster

The Hood of the Blue Meanie Developed These Lovely Crystals Down In Georgia, In the Deep South, Where It Is Very Warm.

January was spent working our way down to Florida, which is the first major destination on our 2014

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