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And Just as You’re Adjusted to the New Time Zone, It’s Time to Come Home. Just Kidding.

Since returning home from our miniaturized 2019 Into the Cornfield Tour of the Midwest and environs a couple of weeks ago, we've been doing all kinds of things, like gardening, sitting, stressing out about our upcoming Lost In the Roundabout Tour of Great Britain, gardening and sitting. [Awkward extended pause while we fly to London, our guitars do not, and we make frantic calls to recover them.]

Delighted to say that in a couple of days our trusty instruments were delivered to our friends' house in Gedling with wood and metal intact. Since then we've been settling into our new London home base for the next four months, which is our longest stay yet in this green and pleasant land.

You may be wondering what we intend to do in Great Britain for four months. If so, this is it:

Eat fish and chips.
Drink tea.
Hang out at pubs.
Admire the grocery stores.
Play a ton of shows in many far-flung places.
Walk along public footpaths.
Let other people Airbnb our charming home in Vermont.
Play cricket. Just kidding.
Visit a lot of National Trust sites.
Watch BBC Four.
Eat black pudding and haggis (except Rebecca).
Drive on the left side of the road. Just kidding.
Look for parking.



Our 2019 Lost In the Roundabout photo album has begun, and our 2019 Home Turf photo album, has gotten bigger since the last time you checked, which may be never.

Penguin: Hi.
Person: Did you escape from the zoo?
Penguin: No, I'm here to encourage Newsdumpster readers to visit hungrytown.net and facebook.com/hungrytown.
Person: Why would you do such a thing?
Penguin: This is what penguins do.
Person: That's not true.
Penguin: Yes.

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Jul. 11 Poole, United Kingdom @ The Sherling Studio Info
Jul. 12 Broadmayne, United Kingdom @ Broadmayne Village Hall Info
Jul. 13 South Molton, United Kingdom @ The Plough @ The George Tickets Info
Jul. 14 Barnstaple, United Kingdom @ ThePlough @ StAnne's Tickets Info
Jul. 17 Masham, United Kingdom @ Masham Town Hall Community Charity Tickets Info
Jul. 20 Tockwith, United Kingdom @ Tockwith Village Hall Info
Jul. 27 Alnwick, United Kingdom @ House Concert Info
Jul. 31 Blair Atholl, United Kingdom @ Blair Atholl Village Hall Info
Aug. 02 Highland Boath, United Kingdom @ Applecross Community Hall Info
Aug. 03 Portree, United Kingdom @ The Aros Centre Info

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