April 2018 Newsdumpster

APRIL 2018

Wir Sind Glücklich, in Vermont Wieder zu Hause zu Sein. Fancy A Pint, Mate?

Like many previous Newsdumpsters, this one blathers on about how we just got back from a massive tour and how we're about to embark on another in five minutes. Unlike previous Newsdumpsters, however, this is the April 2018 issue. We just got back from our 2018 Further West Tour, which spanned nearly 12,000 miles (19,000 km). Our western terminus this year was Preston, Arizona, which, compared to last year's terminuses of New Zealand or England (not sure which counts as further west), seems a bit puny. Nonetheless, the shorter duration made it possible to be home for five minutes before beginning our 2018 Europe to No Good Tour of Germany and Great Britain; we will spend two weeks in the former, and nearly four in the latter. Our plan is to be in our home region for the better part of six months before rinsing and repeating.

Every tour has its highlights, lowlights, spotlights and stoplights. Here are a few from the last four months on the road:

  • We spent our first Christmas in Florida, away from home and family, and got to meet our first Santa in Bermuda shorts.
  • We went for our first airboat ride, also in Florida. It's a special type of boat that allows you to navigate marshy terrain in a highly efficient and noisy manner.
  • Since buying our new house last September and offering it as an Airbnb while we're touring, it turns out strangers have lived in it longer than we have.
  • Did we mention that the American southwest is a big, big, place?
  • After nine years of pilgrimage to our favorite hot springs town, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, we finally got to perform there, and at our favorite spa, La Paloma, no less.
  • The Blue Meanie covered the entire length of the tour without a single malfunction, unless you count that time in Arizona that Ken poured in too much engine oil, requiring the services of a smirking dude with a large wrench to drain the excess.
  • On our way south in December, we had to postpone a North Carolina show due to snow until March. In March, we had to postpone it again until June, also due to snow.
  • We went to a lot of nice barbeque places in Texas. Okay, if you think I'm stretching for extremes, you're right. Fact is, Our 2018 Further West Tour was well paced, fun, successful and relatively uneventful. We made a lot of new friends and Ken frightened very few small children.

We're just started our 2018 Home Turf photo album here in Vermont and not far thereform, but don't expect much progress on it until we're back from our 2018 Europe to No Good Tour of Germany and Great Britain, which hasn't started quite yet. And Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our recently completed 2018 Further West Tour are always available for your amusement and derision.

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Saturday, April 7th, 2:00-3:00 PM
William Hall Library
1825 Broad Street
Cranston, RI 02905
Admission: free. Sponsored by the William Hall Library.


Friday, 20 April, 20.00
Gutshof Rethmar
Gutsstraße 16
31319 Sehnde
+49 05138 606913

Sunday, 22 April, 5:00 PM, 17.00
Tea Time
Brunnenhof Café & Bar
Simeonstiftplatz 6
54290 Trier
Tel.: +49 (0) 651 46 38 33 38

Friday, 27 April, 21.00
Restauration "Zur Grenzschänke"
Grenzschänkstraße 7
02742 Friedersdorf
Tel: +49(0) 35872 32438

Saturday, 28 April, 21.00
Zimmer 16
Florastraße 16
13187 Berlin
Tel: +49(0) 35872 32438

Great Britain

Thursday, 3 May, 8:00 PM
Minchinhampton Folk Club
The Old Crown
Parkend, Paganhill
+44 (0)1453 763288

Friday, 4 May, 7:30 PM
Peter Tavy Village Hall
Peter Tavy, Tavistock
PL19 9NR
Tickets:  £8 adult; £4 child; £22 family (2 adults, 2 children). Contact Dawn on +44 (0)1822 810552 for tickets.

Saturday, 5 May, 8:00 PM
Cove Village Hall
EX16 7RX
Co-bill with our awesome friends, Foxwillow Trio. Admission: £10/£8. Contact +44 (0)1398 331738 for tickets and more info.

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