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The Problem with February is That If You're Late with Your Newsdumpster, the Next One is Due Way Too Soon.

As our four-month 2019 Further West Tour reached its half-way point, we decided to take a few days off in our favorite place besides home, i.e., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This is the tenth year we've been coming here, and the only city we visit yearly without fail. It's not fancy and, except for us, it's not pretentious. So what makes T or C so great?

• It's not fancy.
• It's not pretentious, except for us.
• It has good feng shui, whatever that is.
• It sits on the banks of the Rio Grande, which is cool, I guess.
• It has more artists than sheep. Okay there are no sheep here, but there are many in England and New Zealand. And New England. Vermont also has a lot of artists as well as sheep, which is pretty good, I guess. T or C has a lot of artists and cactuses, which is definitely worth something.
• Natural hot springs bubble under just the surface, like the rage from a troubled childhood.
• Unlike a troubled childhood, you can dwell in these springs for up to an hour without crying.
• It has La Paloma, with its free-flowing bathhouse. Never missed a soak in ten years.
• The weather is dry, warm and perfect, at least in February when we tend to be here.
• New Mexican cuisine is unique, and about the best anywhere, and no one knows about it; T or C has tons of it.
• In 1950, the town of "Hot Springs" changed its name on a dare from a popular radio show called "Truth or Consequences," which offered to broadcast its tenth anniversary program from any US town that would change its name to, you know.


 Our 2019 Further West, Part 2 photo album is nearly filled up. See Part 1 here. Part 3 doesn't exist yet, but it will soon, and lots of California in it.

Rebecca: Where should we go for Valentine's day?
Ken: I thought we'd go to Santa Rosa, CA.
Rebecca: That's, um, romantic, right?
Ken: Definitely--there's a Mercedes-Benz service center there that's going to take apart the Blue Meanie's steering system and find out what's wrong.
Rebecca: I'm going to http://hungrytown.net and http://facebook.com/hungrytown to see what you looked like before I bashed your head in.



Feb. 04 Albuquerque, NM @ Main Library Tickets Info
Feb. 05 Tijeras, NM @ East Mountain Library Tickets Info
Feb. 07 Cave Creek, AZ @ Desert Foothills Library Info
Feb. 09 Menifee, CA @ Sun City Library Info
Feb. 11 Kensington, CA @ Kensington Library Info
Feb. 16 Menifee, CA @ Sun City Library Info
Feb. 20 Santa Rosa, CA @ Central Santa Rosa Library Info
Feb. 21 Saint Helena, CA @ St. Helena Public Library Info
Feb. 23 Sonoma, CA @ Sonoma Valley Regional Library Info
Feb. 25 Cloverdale, CA @ Cloverdale Regional Library Info
Mar. 01 Fort Bragg, CA @ Fort Bragg Library Info
Mar. 02 Healdsburg, CA @ Healdsburg Regional Library Info
Mar. 06 Rancho Mirage, CA @ Rancho Mirage Library & Observatory Info

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