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At Fifteen Years, This is Now the Longest Job Either of Us Has Ever Had, Which is Either Awesome or Pitiful.

The final/first Newsdumpster of 2018/2019 began its life at the emergency room of the Orlando Health South Lake Hospital in Florida. You see, Rebecca is allergic to certain biting insects of elusive origin and one of those little gargoyles bit her right ankle during a recent outdoor show. After the requisite application of various poultices and incantations gleaned from social media, the leg became all red, swollen and worse, the way allergic things tend to become.

Which brings us indirectly to our main theme. December 27, 2003 was the day, fiften years ago, when we followed the moving van, and our romantic visions of troubadour life, from our final New York apartment up to our tiny house in southern Vermont, before tiny houses were even fashionable. Okay, maybe it wasn't tiny, but it was smaller than the apartment we left behind.

About those romantic visions. Generally speaking, full-time musician life still beats our old day jobs, but don't be fooled by the clever image crafting you see in our Newsdumpsters and Facebook posts. Our lives are usually less glamorous than we would have you believe. So we thought we would occupy this issue with some of its realities. Back in 2003, we could not have predicted that

• we would spend Christmas eve tending to the Blue Meanie at a truck repair center in Tampa, Florida, waiting for them to install an EGR valve, whatever that is.

• in many parts of the US, the water tastes terrible.

• mobile phone service is not as widespread as you might think.

• international air travel with four instruments leaves you at the mercy of whatever the desk clerk had for breakfast.

• cowboy boots are a really bad idea for hiking.

• it's nearly impossible to make a ton of money, very easy to make very little, and surprisingly difficult to make enough just to keep the Blue Meanie in Nikes.

• Aside from the Māori hāngi, New Zealand doesn't really have a cuisine.

• even in the vault-like Blue Meanie, being caught in a violent storm makes us feel like the fluffballs we really are. At night more so.

• the world is not that scary.

• other people are not that scary.


Hoping you have a happy and fun 2019 and beyond.


Rebecca and Ken


Our 2019 Further West, Part 1 photo album is nearly filled up. Part 2 will begin in a matter of hours or minutes.

Person 1: For my new year's resolution, I'm going to buy organic stuff.
Person 2: For my new year's resolution, I'm going to visit http://hungrytown.net and http://facebook.com/hungrytown every day,
Person 1: You know, Person 1, you could afford to lose a little weight.


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