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JUNE 2018

Everyone Has a Slightly Different Accent, Even at Different Times of the Day.

We're delighted to be home from our 2018 Double-Crossing the Pond Tour after four weeks in Great Britain and two in Germany. Before that, we spent four months on our 2018 Further West Tour of the American south and southwest. This is significant for us because it marks the first time that both of our airquote big tours were finished in the first half of the year. Until December, our travels will be limited to the near south and Midwest, and lasting from one day to a few weeks. This means that we'll have more time in Vermont, trying the patience of our friends and neighbors.

As usual, we loved our tour of Great Britain and found even more things to love about it. We spent most of our time in England--it's difficult to say exactly what makes this part of the island so distinctive. But in case you're lost and think you may be in England, we've put together a small list of ways to check:

  • Tea: it's everywhere. Even the faucets are labelled "C" and "T."
  • Candy and cookies: known regionally as sweets and biscuits and supplemented by cakes, they completely fill even the largest supermarkets. When served for dessert, they are known collectively as pudding.
  • Public footpaths: identified by little signs with a caricature of a man walking, or the words "Public Footpath," they criss-cross nearly every square inch of the country, are often beautiful, ancient, shortcuts and, most importantly, end near a pub.
  • Pubs: every other building is a pub (though the homegrown ones are dwindling), many of which have been brewing their own cask ale since before Stonehenge.
  • Cask ale: properly served at cellar temperature, they are brought up by way of a hand pump. There are countless varieties, often with often colorful names. You don't have to like beer to like cask ale, but it helps.
  • Chips: this is what they call French fries. They're better, probably because of superior potatoes and fried in goose grease probably. They eat them with everything, including other chips.
  • Savory pies: sure, Americans have their boring chicken pot pies and Australia and New Zealand offer phlegmatic meat pastries, but no one does steak & kidney, steak & ale, duck & gooseberry or llama & profiterole like the English.
  • You drive on the left side of the road but the turn signal stalk is also on the left. In Australasia, it's on the right. That's why, when we're in New Zealand, Ken always flips on the wipers at intersections.
  • The BBC: sure, the World Service is available everywhere, but nowhere else do you get the sheer television and radio variety that you get at the real BBC.

 Part 2 and Part 3 of the UK part of our Double-Crossing-the-Pond Tour photo album are finished, as is Part 1, from Germany. Our 2018 Home Turf photo album is currently being populated.

Ice cream truck driver: "Little boy, did you know that Hungrytown.net and Facebook.com/hungrytown are better for your teeth than ice cream?"

Billy: "Daaaaad!"

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Wednesday, June 6th, 7:00 PM
Amesbury Public Library
149 Main St.
Amesbury, MA  01913
Tel. 978-388-8148
Admission: free. Concert will take place outside in front of the Library, by the fountain. In case of inclement weather it will be inside the library downstairs. Sponsored by the Amesbury Public Library.

Saturday, June 9th, 7:00 PM
Harmony House Concerts
2 Hamblin Hill Rd
Yarmouth Port, MA

Tuesday, June 12th, 6:00 PM
L.E. Smoot Memorial Library
9533 Kings Highway
King George, VA  22485
Admission: free. Sponsored by the L.E. Smoot Memorial Library.

Friday, June 15th, 12:00 PM
Raleigh Court Branch Library
2112 Grandin Rd SW
Roanoke, Virginia 24015
Admission: free. Sponsored by the Raleigh Court Branch Library.

Saturday, June 16th, 7:00 PM
Little Switzerland House Concert
Little Switzerland, NC
For info and reservations, please contact 828-766-9468 or

Monday, June 18th, 4:00 PM
Alleghany County Library
115 Atwood St.
Sparta, NC  28675
Admission: free. This concert is made possible by the Alleghany Opportunity Fund, a component fund of the North Carolina Community Foundation.

Tuesday, June 19th, 12:00 PM
Music Sandwiched In
Blacksburg Branch Library
201 S Rutherford Street
Blacksburg, SC  29702
Admission: free. Sponsored by the Blacksburg Branch Library.

Thursday, June 21st, 7:00 PM
Summer Concert Series
Jamaica Town Hall
VT Route 30
Jamaica, VT  05343

Thursday, June 28th, 7:00 PM
Lyme Public Library
482 Hamburg Road
Lyme, CT 06371-3110
Admission: free. Concert will be held on the town green. Sponsored by the Lyme Public Library.

Sunday, July 1st, 1:00 PM
Great Vermont Barn Dance Show
Hinesburg Town Hall
10632 Vermont Route 116
Hinesburg, VT 05461
Come to the Hinesburg Town Hall for the Great Vermont Barn Dance Show, from 1-2:30 pm. Join your host Rik Palieri as we send a little taste of Vermont with music, storytelling and dancing out to the world. Don’t miss this incredible performance that will be live streamed with a live audience,and chock full of performers like Hungrytown, The Green Mountain Volunteers, along with Rick Ceballos, Lausanne Allen , Bill Torrey and more surprises! Admission: free.

Friday, July 6th, 7:00 PM
Dover Free Library
22 Holland Road
Dover, VT  05341
Admission: free. Sponsored by the Dover Free Library.

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