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Hungrytown is ready to pick up where it left off before the world was so rudely interrupted.

Please check our Concerts page regularly to see what we have planned. Many thanks for being part of our family!


Many thanks to the Vermont Arts Council for featuring Hungrytown in this promotional video:

We are grateful to all the DJs and journalists who selected Further West as one of their favorite albums of 2015.  Most of all, a million thanks to our crowdfunding supporters, who made it possible for us to get these songs out  into the world.  Huzzah; we did it! 
New York Music Daily, The 50 Best Albums of 2015. 
Folkradio.org, Top Songs of 2015. 
Folkradio.org, Top Albums of 2015. 
Folkradio.org, Top Artists of 2015. 
WDCB Folk Festival's Top Fave Albums of 2015. 
WDCB Folk Festival's Top Fave Songs of 2015. 
BBC Wiltshire's Best of the Guests of 2015. 
Van's Top Ten (or more) Records of 2015 
Acoustic Routes, Festive Fifty. 
Gilded Palace of Sin Radio Show, Festive Fifteen. 
The Quiet Revolution Radio Show, Best Music of 2015. 
WGDR/WGDH Acoustic Harmony, Favorite Releases from 2015. 
WHRW, Acoustic Favorites from 2015. 
Folk is Not A Rude Word And Neither is Country, Highlights of 2015

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