Happenings 'round 'town

Late Summer 2022 Newsdumpster 


Chips Fried in Goose Grease? Yes, Please.

Since welcoming ourselves back from the Midwest last spring--our first major tour since 2019--we've found ourselves surprisingly preoccupied doing shows from Maryland to Vermont and points in between. To make matters worse, we continue applying varnish to our newest album, which will definitely, positively be out not long after our return from the UK. 

Right, the UK. As you may know, until all of us were so rudely interrupted by the pandemic, we…

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May 2022 Newsdumpster 

MAY 2022 

"Testing, One, Two."

"Rebecca, You're Sound Checking Your Coffee." 

Give us a break--we haven't done this in a while. When the Newsdumpster last left off in early 2020, the year was still full of promise and baby giraffes. We were finishing up our Further West winter tour of California and were looking forward to our imminent Midwest and UK tours. Obviously, we changed our plans. 

For her safety, we picked up Ken's mom, Reiko, from her seniors-only apartment in Boston and brought her back with…

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Hungrytown is honored to contribute a song to the 80 Plays project, in honor of legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter Bert Jansch. 

We're so thrilled to have been invited to participate in The Bert Jansch Foundation's Around the World in 80 Plays program! It was a wonderful way to stay connected with music that we love, and musician friends near and far. It seemed especially important during the pandemic--the only time in our careers that we have been home from the road for such an extended period. 

The guitar came to us in the dead of winter after being with the wonderfully talented Liz McBride in Pittsburgh. After we completed our…

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Folk Talk #103--80 Plays Around the World radio interview hosted by Rik Palieri  

In this interview we joined host Rik Palieri, Geraldine Auerbach (from the Bert Jansch Foundation), and fellow musical contributors Gareth Hedges and David Nigel Lloyd to talk about Around the World in 80 Plays, for Bert Jansch.  In this project, musicians around the globe are saluting the legendary guitarist and singer song-writer by contributing a Song for Bert.  Special guitars are traveling across continents from artist to artist, enabling them to connect with the man and his music. 

Rik plays some of…

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October 2019 Newsdumpster 




Our Guest Writer is So Great, We're Thinking About Replacing Ourselves With Her.

After nearly 250 years of publication, the Newsdumpster is pleased to present its first guest columnist in the person of Jeni Hankins. Jeni has been a loyal and tireless friend and supporter of Hungrytown for years and years, and if that's not bad enough, is herself an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician…

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September 2019 Newsdumpster 




We Didn't Want You to Think It's Only the Scottish Islands That Matter; Regular Scotland is Just as Good.

We are now two months into our four-month 2019 Lost In the Roundabout Tour of Great Britain. Although we visit glorious Scotland briefly every year, this year we got to be there for the whole month of August, which was way better than briefly.

Our time in Scotland included shows on four…

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