This delightful folk/folk rock/baroque pop album, which also is tough in a very subtle way, is perfect for quiet times, mornings, and twilight. The Vermont duo of Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson recorded the album in their barn, including vintage instruments in their arrangements, and with help from UK violist Rachael Birkin and New Hampshire’s Aliento Chamber Players.

The lyrics are subtly dark, with songs about the pandemic, struggling through life, and even a murder ballad, 'Man Of Poor Fortune.' 'Green Grow the Laurels' is traditional folk given a modern spin, and a good one. I was already familiar with this song, but their version makes it sound new.

Folk music, in any form, will always survive and thrive, because people are constantly reinventing it. Hungrytown is the latest, and they stand out for their willingness to blend in other types of music. There are even hints of power pop. It's all very appealing, always interesting, and always good. Recommended for those who know folk, and those who don’t. Let this be an introduction to folk music, and you can take it from there.” - Andrea Weiss

All Around Records

Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson, the duo that goes by the name Hungrytown, are a charming pair of talented musicians with an old-school folk pedigree. Living in Vermont certainly offers them the opportunity to indulge in New England’s age-old musical tradition, but it’s their winsome sound, Hall’s angelic vocals and Anderson’s ornate arrangements that whets Hungrytown’s proverbial musical appetite. This time around, the couple took their inspiration from a tale about an English circus that was pulling up stakes and taking a final bow. The exquisite imagery is effectively conveyed through a series of songs that are, at once, pensive, playful, engaging and endearing, often sounding like the cherished British folk songs spun from the likes of Fairport Convention, Pentangle or Steeleye Span. 'Man of Poor Fortune' and a take on Bert Jansch’s 'Morning Brings Peace of Mind' are the most obvious examples, but, in fact, there’s not a single track here that eschews that dainty and delicate approach. Rich and radiant, quiet and contemplative, this particular Circus is not only entertaining, but enchanting as well.” - Lee Zimmerman

Goldmine Magazine

Vermont baroque/indie folk artists Hungrytown are a throwback with their carefully crafted recording and ethereal vocals, hearkening back to favorites such as Pentangle and Fairport Convention.”

Big Takeover

Hungrytown’s new album, Circus For Sale, perhaps, requires some audio equivalent to a pair of those 3-D glasses to reveal the deep dimensions within their hybrid sound of Americana-Celtic-psych-very British '70’s folk music, which steps on delicate, melodic, and ancient stones brushed with vibrant coloured currents distilled into wonderful folk songs. To be beautifully blunt: This album conjures the summer idylls still vibrant in the vinyl grooves of British and Irish '70s folk greats like Bridget St. John, Trader Horne (with Judy Dyble!), Spriguns, Vashti Bunyan, (sans the electricity) Trees, and Mellow Candle. And because Hungrytown has Americana roots, it’s good to throw the brilliant Judee Sill into the mix.” - Bill Golembeski

[Circus for Sale] is a truly wonderful album, one I will be returning to often and comes highly recommended. ” - Andrew Young


[Circus for Sale] is the fourth album from Hungrytown, but the first I have had the pleasure of hearing, and indeed it is a pleasure as psych folk with more than a hint of baroque pop is right up my street. There is a beauty and calmness to it that one can lose themself in and ignore and forget briefly the day-to-day turmoil that surrounds them. Vocalist Rebbecca Hall is blessed with a magically sweet innocent voice that floats and weaves its way through the musical sea of melodious tranquility that wraps itself around the listener: pure bliss.” - Brian "Bordello" O'Shea

Monolith Cocktail

[Translated from Dutch] Hungrytown is a remarkable duo. Singer Rebecca Hall was a jazz singer, Ken Anderson drummer in various garage bands. Together they now play different instruments and write songs that stand out because of their intelligent humorous lyrics, while the arrangements go in all directions. In short, again a small masterpiece by a special duo.”

Moors Magazine

[Circus for Sale] has that late '60s/early '70s psychedelic pop meets Laurel Canyon vibe. It really is a gloriously uplifting listen, be it the sublime ‘Little Bird’ or ‘Feel Like Falling,’ where the strings of the Aliento Chamber Players add an extra bit of musical magic. Their version of Bert Jansch’s ‘Morning Brings Peace of Mind’ is also worthy of a special mention. The singing and acoustic guitar are things of beauty on the ears.” - Jason Ritchie

Get Ready to Rock!

Circus For Sale is a recording that I fell in love with from the first listen, and I haven’t stopped listening to it. Smart lyrics and a cracker of a band are a winning combination.”

Weathered Music