Hello!  We are Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson. Together we make up the Vermont-based folk music duo Hungrytown. We've spent the past sixteen years performing extensively throughout the United States, Europe and New Zealand. Our music has been featured on numerous TV shows and documentaries--including the Independent Film Channel's hit comedy series, Portlandia--and our songs have been recorded by many other artists, including the late, legendary songwriter David Olney. 

Like so many artists and freelance workers around the world, our income has suddenly been completely eliminated by COVID-19.  After a couple of days spent freaking out and panicking about our economic situation, we've decided to use this time for creative development.

For the past sixteen years we've been touring extensively in an effort to keep up with the ever-rising cost of living in the US. In the fever to keep up with expenses, however, it is difficult to give oneself the time to create. Well, now an actual fever has given us that time, as many of our upcoming gigs have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely in response to the recent pandemic. 

So it gives us great pleasure to tell you that a new Hungrytown album is nearly complete! More on that story as it develops. Please come along for the ride and chip in whatever you can; your donations will help with our ongoing living expenses and recording costs. We are, as ever, grateful for your support! 

Watch this space for updates and new content and, if you can, please contribute to Hungrytown's ongoing creative efforts. Alternatively, why not become one of our monthly Patreon subscribers?