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We're Guessing that Caledonia Changed its Name to Avoid Confusion with the Louis Jordan Song "Caldonia."

Month two of our four-month Lost In the Roundabout tour of Great Britain is nearly underway. July was terrific, with shows scattered throughout England, meeting up with awesome friends as well as spending a glorious week in Cumbria with Rebecca's parents. We will tarry in Scotland through August or until they throw us out. Much like New Mexico, we come to Scotland every year. Unlike New Mexico, Scotland is unlike New Mexico. We've learned a few things about Scotland over the years, and here they are:

Not everyone's name is Scott.
Edinburgh is farther north than Copenhagen, which is amazing to some people.
Scottish babies are weaned on scotch whiskey until they are two years old. Just kidding. The hard part is getting weaned off.
Scotland's national food is haggis, consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal's stomach. These are our people.
Robert Burns was Scottish and Scotland will not let you forget it.
Bert Jansch, one of our favorite musicians and songwriters ever, was Scottish.
The Great Highland bagpipe has been around since, like, 1400, so it's definitely doing something right.



Our 2019 Lost In the Roundabout photo album is already divided neatly into Part 1 and Part 2, and more predicted.

Corbie: I'm so bored, what should I do?
Corbie: Well, you could visit or and kill some time that way.
Corbie: That sounds boring. Any other ideas?
Corbie: Well, we could sit around and talk to ourself.
Corbie: Oh, hey, there's this great old folk song I've been meaning to listen to.

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Jul. 31 Blair Atholl, United Kingdom @ Blair Atholl Village Hall Info
Aug. 02 Highland Boath, United Kingdom @ Applecross Community Hall Info
Aug. 03 Portree, United Kingdom @ Aros Community Theatre Tickets Info
Aug. 08 Dunoon, United Kingdom @ Uig Hall Info
Aug. 10 Brodick, United Kingdom @ Music Arran Tickets Info
Aug. 12 Stirling, United Kingdom @ Stirling Folk Club Info
Aug. 17 Hoy, United Kingdom @ Gable End Theatre Info
Aug. 22 Keith, United Kingdom @ Drummuir Community Hall Info
Aug. 24 Kinlochard, United Kingdom @ Kinlochard Village Hall Info
Aug. 29 Lochgilphead, United Kingdom @ Tayvallich Village Hall Info
Aug. 30 Benderloch, United Kingdom @ Benderloch Victory Hall Tickets Info
Aug. 31 Craignure, United Kingdom @ Craignure Village Hall Info

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