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We Didn't Want You to Think It's Only the Scottish Islands That Matter; Regular Scotland is Just as Good.

We are now two months into our four-month 2019 Lost In the Roundabout Tour of Great Britain. Although we visit glorious Scotland briefly every year, this year we got to be there for the whole month of August, which was way better than briefly.

Our time in Scotland included shows on four islands. As you may know, Scotland has a very jagged coast, so people live on islands to avoid being cut, we suppose. While traveling around Skye, Arran, the Orkneys and Mull, we learned many interesting things about islands, which we will duly share with you:

You need a bridge, boat or Amphicar to get to one.
You may also need to bring along toll money, ferry fare, your own ferry, or your own fairies.
If an island is too small, you may fall off.
If an island is too big, you may need to show your passport.
The further out you put an island, the weirder the plants become.
The first episode of "Gilligan's Island" was filmed on the island of Kauai in Hawaii; subsequent episodes were filmed on the island of Studio City in Los Angeles.
You'll have to turn pretty soon.
Unless people spread themselves out, the island will tilt to one side. At least according to a cartoon Ken saw.
When the tide comes in, an island gets smaller, kind of.



In a mere two months, our 2019 Lost In the Roundabout Tour has filled up four photo albums. You can see them all here.

Cindy: I hate school, daddy; I want to quit.
Daddy: I hated it too, but it's important. Do you want to end up like those people at or
Cindy: But they went to school, too!
Daddy: I'll talk to the dean in the morning.

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Sep. 07 Carnforth, United Kingdom @ Carnforth House Concert Info
Sep. 13 Trowbridge, United Kingdom @ Friday Folk at the Village Pump Info
Sep. 14 Shroton, United Kingdom @ Shroton Village Hall Info
Sep. 21 Bigbury, United Kingdom @ Bigbury Parish Memorial Hall Info
Sep. 26 Fleet, United Kingdom @ The Windmill Acoustic Sessions Info
Sep. 28 Penzance, United Kingdom @ The Acorn Theatre Info
Sep. 29 Praa Sands, United Kingdom @ Praa Sands and District Community Centre Info
Oct. 04 Salisbury, United Kingdom @ Fovant Village Hall Info
Oct. 05 London, United Kingdom @ Crystal Palace House Concert Info
Oct. 07 Hailsham, United Kingdom @ White Horse Folk Club Info

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