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Ken Put His Socks Into the Laundry Bag. Can. You. Believe. It?

2020 ushers in the second of our three-month Further West Tour as well as a new year for everyone else. After wintering in glorious Florida, January will bring us to Texas, before we move on to New Mexico and California. If you're the type that counts from zero, this is the start of a new decade. Everyone else goes on about how far they've come in the past decade, but that just seems so ten years ago. Sure, we toured the UK ten times, northern Europe five times and New Zealand three times, put out a measly two albums and bought the house of our dreams, and that was just in our spare time. More interesting, we think, are our highlights between 2020 and 2029, as of January 2nd, 2020. With all due modesty, here they are:

Said "happy new year" to our various parents.
Pocketed a hotel pen.
Bought a bespoke bag of jelly beans at a truck stop that sold millions of varieties
Sat in a chair.
Someone told Rebecca that she sounds like "Gillian Welch on mushrooms."
Ate a fish.
Wasted several hours online.

We'll be interested to see what else, if anything, the new decade has in store for us. And we certainly hope that yours is just as fabulous, if not less!



Part one of our 2020 Further West photo album is nearly complete. You can find it, and too many more, on our Facebook photo albums page, here.

Rebecca: "Do you have a new year's resolution?"
Ken: "Yes, I'm totally going to visit hungrytown.net or facebook.com/hungrytown every day."
Rebecca: "That sounds amazing. I'm so going to do that, too!"
Ken and Rebecca: [laughter]

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Jan. 02 Destin, FL @ Destin Library Tickets Info
Jan. 04 Monticello, FL @ Monticello Opera House Tickets Info
Jan. 07 Foley, AL @ Foley Public Library Info
Jan. 10 Longview, TX @ Longview Public Library Info
Jan. 11 Marshall, TX @ Marshall Public Library Info
Jan. 14 Red Oak, TX @ Red Oak Public Library Tickets Info
Jan. 18 New Braunfels, TX @ New Braunfels Public Library Info
Jan. 19 Kerrville, TX @ UU Fellowship of Kerrville Tickets Info
Jan. 21 Mason, OH @ Mason Co. M. Beven Eckert Memorial Library Tickets Info
Jan. 23 Fort Stockton, TX @ Fort Stockton Public Library Info
Jan. 25 Truth Or Consequences, NM @ La Paloma Hot Springs and Spa Info
Feb. 01 Sonoma, CA @ Sonoma Valley Regional Library Tickets Info
Feb. 03 Healdsburg, CA @ Healdsburg Regional Library Tickets Info
Feb. 03 Cloverdale, CA @ Cloverdale Regional Library Tickets Info
Feb. 05 Santa Rosa, CA @ Rincon Valley Regional Library Tickets Info

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