Spring 2023 Newsdumpster


Hello, Goodbye etc.

We spent the first two months of 2023 enjoying our much-missed Further West Tour which took a two-year sabbatical due to COVID etc. This revived tour covered much of the American southwest, south and beyond. You can find evidence of our exploits here and here.

We spent the next two months at home enjoying a delightfully horrible snowstorm followed by the gradual introduction of spring to southern Vermont. Plus a lot of terrific regional shows.

Now we're getting ready to spend the next two-ish months on our 2023 Mid by Midwest Tour, which will take us through Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa unto South Dakota, with a side order of Maryland, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Daysies are About to Bloom.

Deadline: 7 May 2023. Seven Days is Vermont’s largest arts magazine, and have shown our albums much love over the years. And it’s time for their annual Seven Daysies award nominations, and you can do something about it. This, for example:

  1. Click here, register, then scroll to “Culture/Best folk artist or group” and enter “Hungrytown.”
  2. Go to Culture/Best vocalist and enter “Rebecca Hall.”

Isn’t that fun! And we’re not biased! To make matters worse, all of our voters will be entered in a raffle, with three winners winning a copy of our upcoming amazing new album or an amazing new T-shirt.

Big Top Til You Drop.

Circus for Sale, our fourth album, three years in the making, is finally back from the mastering house and is now waiting for its final graphic design elements. We think it will knock you off your trapeze. A zillion thanks to our Let's Put Hungrytown on the Map 2.0 and Patreon supporters for making this whole thing possible. Stay tuned to your Newsdumpster or our Facebook page as developments develop.

Billy: Did you see what they did?

Dilly: Excuse me?

Billy: They mentioned the name of their new album: Circus for Sale.

Dilly: Could I get a burger and large fries?

Billy: This is huge. I don't think they ever mentioned that before.

Dilly: Why are you looking at your phone? And why are you naked?

Manager: Some parts of the ocean are more than thirty feet deep!



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