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Now That We're Home, We Can Start Packing For Next Month's Tour.

Lost in the Roundabout, our longest-ever tour of Great Britain, is finally over. Highlights included four different rental cars, lots of village halls, a visit from Rebecca's parents, a month in Scotland, hanging out with Jeni and the Englishman, a trip to Paris, a visit from Ken's mother, bronchitis and cask ale. More importantly, however, was a renewed confusion and delight about words that look the same but mean different things in American English and English English:

American flapjacks: pancakes.
British flapjacks: cereal bars made from butter, oats and golden syrup.

American chips: potato chips.
British chips: chunky French fries.

American pie: fruit pie or overplayed song by Don McClean.
British pie: steak or lamb pie.

American lemonade: water with sugar and lemon, sold by a child.
British lemonade: lemon-flavored soda from a bottle or can.

American public school: public school.
British public school: private school.

American college: post high-school school.
British college: senior high school.

American biscuit: small savory cake, often made with buttermilk.
British biscuit: cookie.

American clever: smart and devious.
British clever: smart.

American smart: smart.
British smart: fashionable.

American half eight: four.
British half eight: 8:30.
Bonus: German half eight: 7:30.



In a mere four months, our 2019 Lost in the Roundabout tour has filled six photo albums. You can see them all here.

Fork: I thought these pointless dialogues were just a way to provide links to and without being too obvious, but last month's Newsdumpster didn't have those links.

Knife: If that were true, then they would not be pointless.

Fork: But as I said, last month's Newsdumpster didn't have those links.

Knife: Well, neither does this one.

Fork: Yes, it does--look at my first statement.

Knife: That doesn't count--we're just talking.

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Nov. 01 Bourne, MA @ Jonathan Bourne Public Library Info
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Nov. 04 Plymouth, MA @ Plymouth Public Library Info
Nov. 06 Salem, CT @ Salem Free Public Library Info
Nov. 08 Matawan, NJ @ Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library Info
Nov. 15 Franklin, NH @ Franklin Opera House Inc Info
Nov. 16 Sharon, MA @ Not Just Another Coffeehouse Info
Nov. 17 Bloomfield, CT @ Prosser Public Library Info
Nov. 21 Jericho, VT @ Jericho Town Library Info
Nov. 22 Norwich, VT @ UUCUV Coffeehouse Tickets Info
Nov. 23 Rutland, VT @ Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland Info
Dec. 02 Kernersville, NC @ Forsyth County Public Library, Paddison Memorial Branch Tickets Info
Dec. 03 Cumming, GA @ Forsyth County Public Library - Sharon Forks Library Info
Dec. 06 Fanning Springs, FL @ Candlelight Concert Info
Dec. 07 Fanning Springs, FL @ Fanning Springs Festival of Lights Info

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