January 2020 Newsdumpster 

          JANUARY 2020      

Ken Put His Socks Into the Laundry Bag. Can. You. Believe. It?

2020 ushers in the second of our three-month Further West Tour as well as a new year for everyone else. After wintering in glorious Florida, January will bring us to Texas, before we move on to New Mexico and California. If you're the type that counts from zero, this is the start of a new decade. Everyone else goes on about how far they've…

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December 2019 Newsdumpster 

              DECEMBER 2019        

The First Time They Told Us About Manatees, We Thought We Had to Be There by 2:00 PM.

It seems like pratically every Newsdumpster is about starting a new tour, finishing an old tour or something in between. This is no exception, as we are just barely into our three-month 2020 Further West tour of Florida, California and something in between.

Our four-month 2019 Lost in the Roundabout tour…

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October 2019 Newsdumpster 

            OCTOBER 2019      

Our Guest Writer is So Great, We're Thinking About Replacing Ourselves With Her.

After nearly 250 years of publication, the Newsdumpster is pleased to present its first guest columnist in the person of Jeni Hankins. Jeni has been a loyal and tireless friend and supporter of Hungrytown for years and years, and if that's not bad enough, is herself an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician…

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September 2019 Newsdumpster 

            SEPTEMBER 2019      

We Didn't Want You to Think It's Only the Scottish Islands That Matter; Regular Scotland is Just as Good.

We are now two months into our four-month 2019 Lost In the Roundabout Tour of Great Britain. Although we visit glorious Scotland briefly every year, this year we got to be there for the whole month of August, which was way better than briefly.

Our time in Scotland included shows on four…

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August 2019 Newsdumpster 

              AUGUST 2019        

We're Guessing that Caledonia Changed its Name to Avoid Confusion with the Louis Jordan Song "Caldonia."

Month two of our four-month Lost In the Roundabout tour of Great Britain is nearly underway. July was terrific, with shows scattered throughout England, meeting up with awesome friends as well as spending a glorious week in Cumbria with Rebecca's parents. We will tarry in Scotland…

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July 2019 Newsdumpster 

              JULY 2019        

And Just as You’re Adjusted to the New Time Zone, It’s Time to Come Home. Just Kidding.

Since returning home from our miniaturized 2019 Into the Cornfield Tour of the Midwest and environs a couple of weeks ago, we've been doing all kinds of things, like gardening, sitting, stressing out about our upcoming Lost In the Roundabout Tour of Great Britain, gardening and sitting. [Awkward extended…

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June 2019 Newsdumpster 

      JUNE 2019                

Our Man-Bull Beast Goes to the Midwest--Be Careful! Oh Wait, I Meant Mini-Tour, Not Minotaur. Sorry.

We tour America's heartland, a.k.a. the Midwest, every year. Next week we begin an abbreviated version of our annual Into the Cornfield Tour, restricting our travels to the left ventricle, as well as parts of Pennsylvania, which doesn't count as the Midwest, though it might appear…

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Late April-May 2019 Newsdumpster 

      LATE APRIL-MAY 2019                         That's, Like, 180 Dog Years.

On April 23rd, 1994, after nearly one year of courtship, Rebecca and I put it in writing at the Chapel of Riverside Church in New York, followed by a spectacular honeymoon in Paris. We frolicked in the shadow of Notre Dame, blissfully unaware that our 25th anniversary would be shadowed by the burning of that great cathedral.

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March 2019 Newsdumpster 

      MARCH 2019                 You'd Help Van Morrison. You'd Help Dick Van Dyke. Now's Your Chance to Help a Regular Van (Okay, Maybe You Wouldn't).

Our lead photo was taken in 2006, a few weeks after driving the Blue Meanie from its custom-camper birthing center in Austin, Texas to its new home in West Townshend, Vermont. It has served us fabulously since that time, accumulating close to 300,000 miles (482,000 km)…

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